The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted Canadians in more ways than one. As we are forced to change our daily lives, Ferratum continues to provide its customers with access to its services from the comfort and convenience of their mobile devices, or home computers. 

We’ve also taken precautions to ensure that our continued operations do not pose a health risk to our staff. To that end, we’ve enabled our employees to work remotely, and increased the capacity of our customer service team.

Online Financial Services – Anytime, Anywhere

Important to know:

Follow instructions provided by your local and national health authorities. Maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and practice the latest protective measures.

Our Customer Service team are standing by and ready to assist you. Please contact us via email at or by phone at 1-877-880-3099. 

In this moment of uncertainty, it is good to focus on what you can control. Review your financial commitments to identify and cut out unnecessary spending.

Challenges with your personal finances?

The COVID-19 outbreak has likely had an impact on your financial situation. We recommend that you evaluate your current situation; asses your expected income and expenses for at least the next three months, and identify any shortfall.

Review and determine whether you are eligible for the assistance being provided by the Canadian Government, and apply.

In the event that you anticipate challenges with repaying your Ferratum loan, please contact us at with the details of your situation so that we can review your situation and offer an individualized solution.

Ideas for the weeks to come

Every challenge brings with it the seeds of opportunity, and you are the catalyst for positive change. Here are some tried and true practices:

  • Give your normal spending habits a critical look. Focus on spending only on essentials.

  • Shop online. Prepare more meals at home, and when that is not possible, order-in quality food from nearby restaurants.

  • Support local small businesses and service providers.

  • Spend more time with your loved ones, staying safely at home.

  • Explore the opportunity to learn something new with free online resources.

From a financial perspective, it is always a good idea to build a buffer for unexpected situations. One option is to build this buffer from multiple sources, such as putting some cash into a savings account, and having access to a credit facility/loan. At a minimum, you should aim for a buffer which matches 2-3 months of your net salary. 

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